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Insurance Wordpress Website
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About the Project

Project Goals & Client

The Client

Tobi, a good friend and expert UI/UX designer (, designed the insure website on Figma, and I was so taken with the concept that I recommended turning it into a real site using WordPress. Take a peek at the website to see how amazing it looks.

Project Goals

The insure website is an example project that was created to demonstrate my WordPress and Elementor web development skills. The site simply showcases the simplicity of an insurance website company offering various insurance products and services.
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The Project Result

Site Procedure and Outcomes

Following Tobi’s Insurance website Figma design – – I built the insurance website with WordPress and Elementor Page Builder by installing a custom font, uploading custom icons, and uploading site content and images to build the layout that fully replicates Tobi’s Figma desktop design while also improving the site’s dynamic looks to adapt to mobile and tablet devices with good user-friendly animation.

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