About Me

Hello, my name is Stephen Ademuyiwa, and I’m a computer science undergraduate student with certified skills in WordPress website development. I love the idea of visualizing a creative concept and bringing it to life with the help of cutting-edge digital tools.
I started my web development career as a trainee at Ojasweb Digital Solution in Lagos over three years ago, where I learned the use of WordPress to create custom and unique web page designs for various kinds of niches.
Currently, I focus on developing dynamic lead-generation and SEO-friendly websites for corporations, startups, organizations, e-commerce, brands, and agencies to help grow and create an online market for their businesses.
Picture of Stephen (Webadent)

How I work?

My web design approach
I enjoy making a plan for each website project because it helps me better understand the project and helps me research ideas for selecting the best approach for fulfilling my client’s business goals. To complete any projects on time, I usually follow this general development process:


This stage is the first phase of every project, during which I meet with the client to discuss the project and conduct research.


In this phase, I research and collect ideas that best accomplish the project's goals and combine them to design the website's look.


This phase is where I work on the client-approved design on WordPress by developing each page, adding needed features, and optimizing the site.

Test & Launch

In this final phase, all revisions have to be complete, and the site is tested and fully functional; after that, the site is lunch to live.

Tools I use?

Software mostly use on projects
In general, different projects require different website features, which may necessarily require the use of a few additional plugins, but these are the most commonly used web design and development software I used for the majority of my clients’ web projects.
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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! I offer my services for both new and existing website design or redesign. You are free to hire me or contact me right now.

You. The website does not belong to me. If you want, I can give you full admin privileges, allowing you to do whatever you want with me, including deleting me. The website is your property because you paid for it. Only if I want to, I’d like to include the website in my portfolio.

Absolutely! When the website is finished, you will be able to change the texts, images, layout, and add new pages with just a few clicks. In addition, once the site is completed, I will send you a video guide on how to make these changes yourself.
Yes, I provide ongoing support through messages (in the form of a Q&A) to assist you with managing your website. I can also offer custom maintenance packages to keep your website up to date and secure.

Of course, I’m here to help you get your business online, so I’m happy to assist you with domain registration and web hosting that meets your website’s needs. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.